About the Comic

For us Magic is broken, it’s silent, it doesn’t exist.

Verse is a low-fantasy action/drama. It’s about navigating a dangerous and unpredictable world, and looking inwards to overcome the fear that holds you back.

Fife’s plan of becoming an expert sword-smith is thrown into disarray when a girl, Neitya, seems to appear out of nowhere sporting a set of horns and no memory. The only problem is Vel sometimes have horns, and Vel are dangerous. Differences aside, the two journey together and find themselves caught up with deserters to the crown, cultists who control monsters, and the ever pressing question of who or what Neitya is.

About the Creator

Sam Beck is an illustrator and cartoonist, born and raised in Toronto. She has worked on number of mini-comics and illustrations that focus on myths, fantasy and surrealism. Her recent published work includes the comics Songs for the Dead and Cadmus.

Really like cats and swords. (Cat's wielding swords is good too).

How to Support Verse

If you enjoy Verse and want to keep getting those twice a week updates please consider supporting me through Ko-Fi. Each page takes around 7 hours to complete, that's 14 work hours a week on top of freelance work. That little bit of extra money means I can do a couple less things and focus on making Verse. Thank you! https://ko-fi.com/sambeck

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